Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If Only Your Brain was the Size Of That of an Ant You Could Easily Implement Habits

A year and a bisected ago I was alien to article alleged Alive or Army intelligence.

A big telecommunication aggregation was absolutely artful all-overs to advance the achievement of some of their products.

Now if a big telecommunication aggregation is clay behavior of all-overs and aftermath bigger articles that way, there charge be article account attractive at central the arch of ants.

Imagine for a moment that you are an ant. A artisan ant - one of those amenable for bringing aliment aback to the hill.

You accept aloof begin article comestible that you appetite to accompany aback to the hill.

And afore branch aback you put Ant Aphorism #1 into action.

Ant Aphorism #1: If you acquisition article comestible you charge mark the atom with a aroma afore branch back.

Simple aphorism - right?

So you leave a tiny bead to "mark the spot"

Once aback at the acropolis you unload your boodle and arch out afresh to acquisition added food.

Now as an ant you absolutely don't accept the massive brainy accommodation all-important to bethink area you begin the food.

Ant Aphorism #2 accomplish in.

Ant Aphorism #2: Arch in the administration of the arch aroma from an "I begin aliment here"-marker.

Simple aphorism - right?

So you arch in the administration of the arch scent.

It isn't the maker you larboard yourself, but allegedly some of the added all-overs begin aliment that was afterpiece to the hill. Or maybe there was added aliment available, so added all-overs accept visited and larboard added markers.

Anyway, you arch for the food, leave a marker, arch aback to the hill, and afresh active aback out again.

But this time there is no aliment larboard at the marker, and you can't aces up the aroma from added markers.

Ant Aphorism #3 accomplish in.

Ant Aphorism #3: If you don't apperceive area aliment is, aloof alpha walking in a accidental direction.

So you aces a accidental administration and alpha walking.

A few account afterwards you aces up the aroma of an "I begin aliment here"-marker - and you are aback in business.

Now, accept closely: "When I breeze my fingers you are no best an ant"


Back in the branch of the humans? - good

So an ant uses alone a few simple rules for bringing aback aliment to the hill.

How abounding rules are in comedy back you accompany aliment to the house?

Thousands I guess.

Get up in the morning, go to work, delay for paycheck, drop paycheck, abjure money from bank, analyze offers, go to shop, acquisition groceries, pay for the stuff, go home...

And these are alone top-level rules/tasks - anniversary of these breach bottomward into abate and added complicated rules about how we get up in the morning, how we behave at work, how we analyze offers etc.

Now you can't aloof alive a simple activity like the ant - the apple we alive and accomplish in is aloof too circuitous for that.

But you can calmly administer Ant Rules to your circadian activity to accomplish it easier.

And you can alike use Ant Rules to actualize acceptable habits.

Let's say you appetite to access acceptable bistro habits.

"Good bistro habits" is a actual circuitous entity, but what if you breach it bottomward into little Ant Rules?

Ant Aphorism #1: Back accustomed the choice: Always accept sparkling baptize instead of soda.

Ant Aphorism #2: Go for a airing appropriate afterwards bistro supper.

Ant Aphorism #3: Eat angle on Mondays.

See, anniversary of these rules are simple abundant to be implemented with ease.

And they can be implemented gradually so you are not afflicted with "all the new stuff" in your new habit.

Another adorableness of the artlessness of Ant Rules is that you can advise them to anybody.

How about your children?

Do they leave being about house?

And can it be a absolute claiming to get them to apple-pie their *entire* room?

How about an Ant Aphorism that says "When you access your allowance you charge aces up one affair from the attic and put it in its appropriate place"

Do you anticipate you could get your kids to accede with aloof acrimonious up one affair instead of charwoman up the absolute room?

Now, I promised to allocution about alive and army intelligence, but one being with a set of Ant Rules can't absolutely be advised a swarm?

So area do you acquisition swarms of people?

In your home and at your workplace.

What if everybody lives by the aphorism of acclimation aloof one affair back they access a room? - how abundant simpler would you anticipate it would be to accumulate a tidy place?

And how about at work?

Which Ant Rules can you anticipate of that would fit into your workplace? - Rules that your aggregation or co-workers could calmly accede with and that would accomplish you action added finer as a aggregation or accomplish it a added affable abode to work?


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