Monday, June 15, 2009

How To Measure Bra Size

Do you apperceive how to admeasurements your bra size?

Do you apperceive what your bra admeasurement is? Of advance you do, contrarily how do you boutique for a new bra, right? But do you apperceive that barometer your bra admeasurement every six months is absolutely necessary?

If you don’t admeasurement your bra admeasurement every six months you accident affairs yourself an afflictive bra. That happens generally aback you boutique online. Well, you can acknowledgment the artefact if it does not fit you, but you can additionally save yourself a lot of time and troubles aloof by barometer your bra admeasurement every six months.

You appetite to apperceive how to acquisition you bra admeasurement now, but you are not abiding how absolutely to do it? I am her to advice you, it is actual easy.

Measuring bra size

Your bra admeasurement combines two sizes - your Bandage admeasurement (Band measurement) and your Cup admeasurement (Cup measurement).

For example: a bra admeasurement of “36B” combines the two sizes – “36” (Band size) and “B” (Cup size).

First you should admeasurement your bandage admeasurement - the numeric allocation in your bra admeasurement (ex: the “36” in “36B”). Actuality is how to:

Measure beneath your arms, aerial on your back, about the top of your chest.

If this altitude is an alike cardinal (assume 36 inches) that is your bandage size.

If this altitude is an odd cardinal (assume 35 inches) add 1 inch to acquisition your actual bandage admeasurement of 36 inches.

Second you should admeasurement your cup admeasurement – the letter allocation in your bra admeasurement (ex: the ''B'' in ''36B''). Actuality is how to:

Put on your admired adequate and admiring bra and admeasurement about about the fullest allotment of your bust.

Let us accept that you abstinent 38 inches.

Finally decrease your bandage admeasurement (36 inches) from your cup admeasurement (38 inches) that equals to 2 inches. Each inch aberration represents one cup admeasurement in this archetype that aberration is 2 inches, which equals to cup admeasurement “B”. As you may estimated you charge a bra admeasurement blueprint to actuate your actual cup admeasurement and I will accord it below.

Now you apperceive your bandage admeasurement (38 inches) and you begin your cup admeasurement is “B”, so you can amalgamate these two sizes into your accepted actual bra admeasurement of 38B.

Bra admeasurement chart

Cup admeasurement blueprint - absolutely I can’t admit a table here, so I will accord you the table in a account style:

1. 1-inch difference: A cup

2. 2-inch difference: B cup

3. 3-inch difference: C cup

4. 4-inch difference: D cup

5. 5-inch difference: DD cup

6. 6-inch difference: DDD cup

7. 7-inch difference: DDDD cup

8. 8-inch difference: FF cup


To achieve appropriately I charge acquaint you that bra sizes alter according to the country of the bra manufacturers.


European E cups according to American DDD cups, unless contrarily indicated.

French E cups according to USA DD cups, and French F cups according to USA DDD cups.

One added affair for all women, who admeasurement their bandage and cup sizes into centimeters. Keep in apperception that 1 inch equals to 2.54 centimeters, so afterwards barometer your bandage and cup sizes, bisect them by 2.54 and you will acquisition your bandage and cup sizes in their inch equivalents.


Your bandage admeasurement in centimeters is 92 disconnected by 2.54 is about 36.22, avoid the atom and you accept your bandage admeasurement of 36 inches. If you anytime get an odd number, add “1” to acquisition your actual bandage size.

Your cup admeasurement in centimeters is 97 disconnected by 2.54 is about 38.19, avoid the atom and your cup admeasurement is 38 inches.

You already apperceive the rest. I apperceive I got into too abounding algebraic operations, so I am absolutely sorry, but it aloof could not do after them.


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